Membership Services

Whether minor or serious, International SOS is available to help you 24/7 during and after a medical, mental health, or security incident abroad.

Services Overview

  • A Notre Dame dedicated International SOS travel health and safety member portal and free phone app so you can review travel health and safety information on more than 220 countries and 330 cities, receive alerts while traveling, and connect with International SOS if you need assistance abroad.
  • Automated pre-trip advisory email that includes travel health and safety information and advice for your destination
  • Dedicated 24/7 phone line (+1 215-942-8478) for routine and urgent medical and security advice and assistance during pre-departure planning or while traveling.
  • 26 24/7 Global Assistance Centers and a network of over 84,000 vetted medical, dental, security, logistics coordinators and transport service providers internationally.*
  • Mental health and emotional support services.
  • Various travel assistance services, including but not limited to: emergency message transmission, translations and interpreters, lost document advice and assistance and emergency personal cash advances. *
  • Robust medical and security evacuation services (must be coordinated with International SOS and Notre Dame).
  • Special advisory notifications with advice in response to significant travel security incidents.
  • Travel Tracking and emergency communication tool for Notre Dame administrators and ISOS to understand where travelers are and proactively communicate with travelers if a major incident, such as a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, occurs at your destination. In order to receive these messages and help us support you in an emergency situation, please make sure to provide your updated contact information in the Register Your Travel process (especially preferred mobile phone number). We kindly request that you respond to any check-ins from either ISOS or Notre Dame so that you can receive assistance if needed and the University can be assured of your well-being.

*While the University has a comprehensive membership with International SOS, some International SOS services may be outside the scope of Notre Dame’s membership and carry additional charges for you or your insurance provider. Should you request a service which has an additional charge, International SOS will inform you in advance and require a personal credit card for these services.

International SOS is not:

International SOS does not provide health insurance coverage or travel agency services.

  • International Insurance: International SOS is not international health insurance. It is an assistance company helping to connect you with essential information and services. However, it works with Notre Dame’s insurance partners, like GeoBlue, to coordinate referrals, payment and assistance for covered events behind the scenes for a seamless experience. Before you leave, check with your health insurance provider about your international coverage options.
  • Travel Agency: If you need assistance booking general travel logistics, such as flights and hotels, please visit Notre Dame's Travel Services website.

For more information about International SOS, please visit the Notre Dame member portal.

For questions, please contact